About us

Several years ago there was a car accident at a school on school property in the afternoon during the school’s dismissal period.  One student was severely injured, and, in fact, is injured for life. While this didn’t happen at St. Gregory, it was the impetus for the school to take action.  They wanted a system that helped them organize their afternoon pickup process.  They had limited space and over 800 students to dismiss every day.

They contracted with safepickup to develop such a system.  safepickup’s founder and CEO, German Rincon led the effort on the project that took 100’s of man hours working with the school’s administration, faculty, staff, and parents. The result is a cloud-based application that has been developed and operating in a live environment for over three years.  We have incorporated all of the requirements for the school, and in doing so, we have a flexible system that can be adapted to any school dismissal process.  We look forward to working with your school to make it a safe, happy place.