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Raising school safety to a whole new level.

It is an unfortunate reality that in modern American schools it’s important to know exactly where your students are during the day. safepickup is the new and best way to ensure the safety of your school’s children. Easy-to-use but sophisticated technology removes the burden of tracking and monitoring students from your teachers and places it with a revolutionary tool of supervision.
safepickup knows where students are, allowing hard-working teachers to wring out every bit of teachable time in their day. This application brings calm and order to the school week.


  • Allows students to quietly remain in their classrooms while waiting for their ride, watching for their individual number and allowing teachers to continue teaching remaining students.  
  • Organizes the pickup processes. Parents stay in their cars in a school-designated area and students know exactly where to find them.
  • Grants a sense of calm to parents, who know what to expect every day and become as familiar with the sense of routine as their children.
  • Elevates school staff productivity. Less confusion at the end of the day promotes a better learning environment.

safepickup can also track students’ location within the school. For example, with a simple swipe of the barcode over the teacher’s Android, IPad or tablet, safepickup will:

  • Track a pupil’s admittance to Aftercare (or Beforecare), providing exact time in-and-out, ending any time/billing discrepancies.
  • Track a sick child to the nurse, and to the parent, if necessary.
  • Track students to other classrooms and activities (gym, art, library, etc.).

safepickup provides several options to track and dismiss your students.