What do you see?

safepickup web pages are easy-to-read and manage. The typical teacher, student, or parent will only need and see a couple of pages. This makes installing, training, using, and maintaining the system straight-forward.

The Dismiss page will be the most frequently viewed page by students and teachers:

This page displays the students and any information about their transportation home.  This page is constantly updated, and when parents arrive, this page notifies the student that their ride is ready.

Parents can input overrides when their children will be picked up by another family, participating in an after-school activity, or any other changes to the regular schedule.

Overrides are easily entered whether they are single events or complex recurring events.  The information is then displayed in an easy-to-read calendar.

safepickup provides quick ways to locate the information you need.

The system is designed so that any field where data is entered, appropriate choices are displayed for quick and easy selection.

Daily administration of the system is minimal; all of the necessary processes are automated to run at night.  The system was build with simplicity in mind so it is easy to learn and use.