What is safepickup?


It’s a brave new world, and we don’t just mean an assignment in your English class syllabus.

American schools need to supervise our children and function in entirely new ways than ever expected. Safety at school for our children has become a top priority, right alongside high test scores and healthy lunches.

safepickup has got part of the commotion of your school days under smooth control – that time of day known as dismissal or pickup. With three interface components:

  • A barcode to each family guardian (parent, aunt, uncle, grandparent, etc.). This can be in the form of a car decal, car hangtag, ID card or any other format designated by the school.
  • A barcode ID for each student.
  • An easily downloaded app for any teacher cellphone or tablet or other standard barcode reading device.

Students can now be accounted for with a simple scan.
First class in the morning, the student scans their barcode.  This confirms the safe arrival and check in of children for the school day. In the afternoon, the guardian card is scanned.  Depending on your environment, students remain in their classrooms or in a common area, until their name displays; there is also an optional tone that sounds. That child then is quietly excused to go meet their ride home. That’s it. Safe and simple.

  • Effective use of the last part of the day – for kids and teachers.
  • No static on walkie-talkies with possible errors.
  • No parents trolling the school, ducking in and out of classrooms.

All actions are recorded in a database for easy reporting and verifying student and parent whereabouts.  The system is flexible to accommodate group dismissal, multiple exit points, changes in student and teacher schedules, temporary or rotating carpooling families, and much more.